Global Awareness Profile

The GAPtest is a self-scoring inventory that gives participants a graphic representation of their global awareness. It presents 126 questions based on common knowledge in six geographic regions (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Middle East and Europe) and six subject areas (environment, politics, geography, religion, socioeconomics and culture).

Arts in Restorative Transformation

The Arts in Restorative Transformation (ART) Inventory was developed to help the artist reflect on his or her role in arts in restorative transformation–or social change. This test is a free service to those artists who work with vulnerable children and communities around the world and seek to understand themselves and their role in transformation in a more meaningful way.

Religious Awareness Profile

The Religious Awareness Profile is currently in development. Like the Global Awareness Profile, the RAPtest draws and assesses common knowledge about world religions. Testing of the RAPtest is expected to begin in Fall 2011.