Online Global Games and Quizzes

Try this developing list of free online games and quizzes to test your global knowledge.  Click through the article below and find other games and quizzes.  While these are primarily designed for kids, they can be challenging.

Geospy from National Georgraphic

Daily Life in Ancient Eqypt from National Geographic

GeoBee Challenge from National Geographic.  A Daily ten question quiz about US and world geography.

World Maps Quizzes from Sheppard Software.  These can be downloaded for class use.

Map Games from There are specific regional games.

Geonet by Houghton Mifflin Social Studies.  Interesting, for kids 4 and up.

Geo Guiz from  There are specific country quizzes.

Georgraphy Guizes from  Many quizes on specific countries.  Flag quizes, as well.

Geosense online game allows two people to compete.  Challenging.

World Map from Game Design.  Identify countries with a time clock.  Simple but quick fun.

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