We provide:

  • Online assessment instruments for measuring and improving awareness and knowledge
  • Training in overseas living and global competence
  • Guided cross-cultural experiences
  • Specialized online assesment design
  • Curriculum writing and experiential learning design
  • An effective inventory to gauge one's awareness of the world in which we live.

Who we are:

Global Awareness Consulting and Assessment Services is committed to enhancing the global competence in the educational and service sectors. We provide tools and resources for preparing individuals and organizations to navigate cultural worlds. The Principal is Dr. J. Nathan Corbitt, Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies at Eastern University and President of BuildBridge International, a non-profit arts-based intervention and service organization. Twenty-five percent of all sales go directly to BuildaBridge to support their charitable work in alleviating poverty through arts-based relief and development.

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Need more information

Our assessment website is developing with four assessments in process. At this time the Global Awareness Profile and Australasia assessments are available. If you are a teacher, assessment manager, or program director wanting group testing, contact Dr. J. Nathan Corbitt . If you have difficulties in accessing the assessments please contact admin@globalawarenessprofile.com.